Exhibition Textile Fairs India 2019 l TFI FASHION DESIGN AWARDS

16th July 2019: 3 day exhibition Textile Fairs India 2019 (TFI) running at Pragati Maidan, brought the entire supply chain partners from fibre to fashion at the triple shows – YARNEX, F&A Show and Fashion Conect with the participation of 265 manufacturers and suppliers from India, Austria, China, Hong Kong and Japan. It showcased their latest developments at this platform.

Exhibition Textile Fairs India

The exhibition gave a platform to 14 designers to showcase their creativity and innovation at
For the very first time TFI came up with “TFI FASHION DESIGN AWARDS”.This had a fashion design competition organized by TFI in association with fashion guru Prasad Bidapagave an unprecedented opportunity to upcoming and talented designers to showcase talent. Out of 98 applicants, selected 14 finalists showcased their collections at this platform.

P N Krishna Murthy, organizers of TFI – This year we have introduced ‘TFI Design Awards’ in collaboration with Prasad Bidapa (Renouned fashion guru), one step closer to integrating the supply chain in its true sense. At this platform we have introduced 14 upcoming designers and also have asked them create collections using the fabrics and accessories from the participating exhibitors – that way the buyers get to see their raw, materials get turned into final garments and the designer gets a platform to display their creativity and talent. We also have key focus on sustainability in fashion.”

Fashion guru Prasad Bidapa said that “India is one of the most technologically forward countries in the production of man made textiles. From the heaviest of high quality woolen to fine cotton & synthetic high tech yarn, we produce the world’s best fabrics. Talking on the opportunity for budding designers he said “Fabrics are the bedrock of fashion. Every designer needs the best of fabrics, from suiting & shirting to dresses & gowns. This is the place to find it.” He also added that India has a very well developed textile value chain. There are no gaps in it, as every year we add a plethora of new variations and value added textiles to the vast amount which are already in production. You will see this entire range of India’s offerings at TFI.

Nayanika Chatterjee, super Model and choreographer said that “I see this event as a great opportunity for young designers who have been in the industry and also gives them access to great fabrics. Which they can explore. This platform is going to be great for those who want to make career in the fashion Industry since the contest is staged on a fabulous platform with best Industry experts Judging.

Within the exhibition under TFI Trend Forum the overview on upcoming trends in fashion including colors, prints, fabrics, accessories and lifestyle trends, on sustainability in the fashion industry, overview of Spring Summer 2020 & Autumn Winter 2020 etc. were discussed by Dr. NareshTyagi.

The evening saw huge footfall and made the event successful.


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