Corruption in SAIL : Unfair Selection Process For Steel Plant CEO

CNP. More than 50% eligible candidates became Non-Eligible for the post of Chief Executive Officer in Steel plants of SAIL. It is learnt that by making last minute arbitrary changes in the eligibility criterion the process of selection has been tainted. As per the previous norm, 27 candidates were eligible for the above said post. On 17th January 2019 SAIL issued a circular for inviting candidates for the post of CEO Rourkela with the arbitrarily changed norms. Under the arbitrarily changed norms the interview is to be held within on 1st of February 2019.
This circular was shocking as it prejudiced a class of candidates without proper and just reasoning. This expedited selection process is being executed in such a way that only a few people from the entire class of previously eligible candidates would remain eligible under the changed scheme. These changes are not made bonafide and are ultra vires the standards of transparency and fairness. The only logical explanation that follows this selection process is the existence of favouritism as it curtails the chances of a large segment of eligible candidates.

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