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How to earn money from Facebook Jobs?

You may have used Facebook and shared your messages, photos and videos in it, but do you know that money can also be made from Facebook? If you learn a little technical information, then you post You can make money from it too. And if your social network is very big, then you can contact many online companies and their products on your Facebook page or group and profile. Eyr and can earn a lot of money l

How to create facebook page

Login to your Facebook account to create a Facebook Page. Then go to the option and click on Create Page.

  1. Make Facebook page on any topic in which you have the most interest like cricket, jokes, poetry, technology, business etc. Select a category of the same type and create a page.
  2. After that you fill the profile picture, cover photo and details of your page on your page.
  3. After the page is completed, publish the post of the category in which you have created the page. Suppose you have created a page for shayari, then you should publish some shayari on that page.
  4. Now to share that page in Facebook and increase that page as much as possible. So ask your friends to like your page, send invitations to them, get 10,000 -20000 likes of your page.
  5. Keep posting regularly to increase the likes in your page. This will increase your page more quickly and also ask your friends to share your page, and tell their friends to like it.
  6. There are a lot of Facebook groups on Facebook. You join some Groups and share the page there so that the likes can be increased. When your page likes 10,000, 20000, after that you can earn good money.

How to earn money from your facebook page -How to earn from facebook

You have many ways to earn money from Facebook. Of these, you can make money in any way.

By sharing the post on the timeline

Video sharing

By selling your Facebook page.

Promote Affiliate Products.

By selling your page Post.

Website made

Post Share (via website)

If you have your own website, you can earn money by linking it to Facebook page. When you have your own website, then your articles will be automatically shared in Facebook page. The more visitors will come from your Facebook page and the more ads you use on your website, the more clicks you will get. You will get the complete information about it soon through video, you can also add it to Facebook page for free by creating a website or blog and you can reduce money,

By sharing videos on facebook

Friends, now you can earn money by sharing videos on Facebook, as you know that people in YouTube earn this by sharing videos, Facebook has started the same service, it is in the early stages but soon completed Will be ready, if you can make good videos, then you can share them on your Facebook page, right now this service is only for iPhone users, Android mobile soon Sector is starting to, we’ll update it soon you Smjayange via video,

SELL your Facebook page – How to earn from facebook

There are many websites on the Internet that require a Facebook page to increase traffic to their website. You can sell these people on your Facebook page. When your page gets 1000 -10,000 likes, then sell it. To sell, you can put Ad on your page to “Sell me your page” and keep the price as per your choice. If you have problems in selling Facebook page, then there are many such groups in Facebook that make Facebook page sell. You search “Sell and Purchase” and share your page details in that group. Many people will be ready to take your page in a few days.


Affiliate marketing is the best way to do business, you can earn a lot of money in it. To do affiliate marketing, you have to connect with a product selling company, run by amazon.com which sells products online. In this, create an account of affiliate marketing and get your product sold, this will give you a company commission. When you join Affiliate marketing, you will get a link to the product, share that link on your page. Just like someone will take your page through product just became your commission.

POST SELL BY YOUR PAGE – How to earn from facebook

Every website needs more and more visitors, many such websites spend money to get traffic. So that they have more page views on their website. You can share the link of these website posts on your page. So that traffic goes to their website through your page, for this you can take money. Meaning that you share the links of the website of other people on your page and take money from the website owners.

http://shopsomething.com/ This is a website where you can earn money by registering and sharing the website of other people on your Facebook page. You open the website http://shopsomething.com/ and click on Login with Facebook. After this, you submit your page to this website. After this, you can easily sell your post. There are a lot of people like you on this website who earn a lot of money by selling posts on their Facebook page. You register on this website and fill the information on your page and your work starts.

Earn money from PPD Network

PPD means Pay Per Download In this, we have to share such download links from which if someone downloads, we get money from him. There are many such websites on the Internet which give us money according to PPD.

Earn money by giving online Teaching -How to earn from facebook

If you have a talent, there is something that you can teach people, then Facebook can be a good way to earn money by making you online.

To earn money by studying on Facebook, you can create Secret Group on Facebook and take paise to join the members in it, in this way we can teach them with the help of Facebook Group and can also earn money.

We will also try to give you complete information about earning money from Facebook and will explain you step by step through the video, to see the latest updates, you keep watching our application online job alert.

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