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You must have seen how many mobile applications are available on the Google Play Store these days, after searching you will get millions of mobile applications on every topic, but you have wondered how those who make these mobile applications will benefit, which will give you so much for free Keep giving all the information for free, we will tell you all the information related to the mobile application step by step, how you can use your mobile application How can you make a cation and earn money in it, and if you want to earn money without even making an app, then there are many such apps in the Google Play Store with the help of which you can earn money like Hypstar- Vigo Video, Live Me etc. – about which you will also be told.

How to make Android (Android)

In today’s era of this smartphone, everyone is using Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone. Also everyone is using apps. Millions of people are making a lot of money sitting at home by making apps for Android aur iPhone. If you want, you can also earn money by becoming Android Apps.

So let’s know how you can make Android Apps.

How to make Android app (Online Jobs Apps Making)

Although it takes a lot of learning to make an app, such as C ++ and JAVA languages, with the help of these you can become an app in Android Studio which is a bit difficult, but nowadays there are many online platforms available with the help of which You can easily create mobile applications such as Appy Builder, Thunkable etc., we will teach you to make apps through these software.

Know how to create an app in Android Studio?

Android Studio – If you know C ++ and JAVA then you can easily create Android Apps. For this you will need Android Studio and SKD Tool. To download it, go to and download Android Studio Bundle. Along with this, Java should also be in your computer or laptop. If java is not in your computer or laptop then download and install it. Now go to and do some studies and create your first app.

How to create an app with thunkable?

To make an app from Thunkable, you need to have a little knowledge of computer and internet, for this, you have to register yourself on and after that you will have to design your app, you will get our app online job alert Google Play Store We can download this app from Thunkable itself,

We will give you complete information about making app from Thunkable soon through Video Tutorial.

After creating the app, you have to share it to your friends, so that more and more people use your app, you can also upload your app in Google Play Store, which will make your app accessible to the whole world.

How to upload your Android App to Google Play?

After creating the app, you have to publish it in the Google Play Store. For this, you have to create your publisher account by going to Google Play Developer Console. For this, you only have to pay 25 $ once.

You can create and publish many apps. When your apps are downloaded in sufficient quantity, then you can earn money by placing AdMob ads in your apps.

There are many publishers who are earning millions of rupees daily from apps. We will teach you to publish in the Google Play Store soon through videos – you can watch all the videos on our youtube,

Hypstar- Vigo Video – How to earn money from app

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