How to Earn Money from Website Job

How to Earn Money from Website Job at Home

You must have seen how much information is available on millions of websites and blogs these days, by searching on Google, you will find millions of websites on every topic, but you have thought that how will those who build these websites benefit, which will give you so much for free Keep giving all the information, we will tell you all the information related to the website and blog step by step, how you can make your website or blog and that Sector how you can make money,

How to make a website? Website Jobs

Many people think that they have their own website but they do not know how to make a website. Nowadays such software and tools are available with the help of which one can easily create a website. There are website designing software and readymade website templates available that make it easy to create a website. We will teach you to create a website for free from WordPress,

You can easily create your own website:

Website template

Website templates are readymade website designs that you can download for free. First of all, go to a good website where free website template is available. Then choose your desired template and download it.

Now open this template in any HTML editor software such as FrontPage Express or DreamWeaver. Now make changes according to your need and save it in a folder. Save the same page according to your need in the same folder with different names.

Now write in every page according to your need and put a photo. Save the menu and other links by linking them as needed.

You can download the website template for free from the following website:

Template Box

Open Source Web Design

Free Web Templates

Free Templates Online

Zero Dollar Templates

When your website is ready, then you will have to buy your Domain Name and Hosting. You can buy Domain Name and Hosting from Bluehost, GoDaddy or BigRock. Or many people also provide domain and hosting for free, will give you moderate information about the video, after that you will have to upload your website to the server. For this, you have to use FTP software such as FileZilla. Login by entering your Domain Name, Username and Password in FileZilla. Now upload the folder containing your saved website to the public_html folder.



In this way your website will be ready. Now write the name of your website in any browser and press Enter. Your website will open.

Well this method is a bit difficult but if you try, your website will be created,

Create a website with WordPress? The easiest way !

Creating a website with WordPress is very easy. When you have purchased your domain name and hosting, then login to your host’s website like Go Daddy and go to the Control Panel. Here on the right side you will see the Icon of WordPress. Click on it. Now you will see the screen to install WordPress. Choose your website here and write the rest details and click on Install.

WordPress will be installed in your server in a while. Now login into WordPress by entering your Username and Password. From here you can choose the design for your website. Here you will find many more options. Gradually learn by reading and get your website ready. You will get this information soon through the video.

How to earn money from website?

There are many ways to earn money from a website. Let us know and understand these methods one by one:

Advertising – Advertising is the best and reliable way to earn money from website. You can join Google AdSense, Link Within or any of Microsoft’s programs and earn money by advertising them on your website.

Contextual advertising – Contextual advertising such as Google AdSense is a great way to earn money from a website. For this, you join the AdSense program and put their ad code on your website. The biggest advantage of this program is that the advertisement is similar to the topic or article of your website. You can earn money for every View and Click.

Affiliate Program – Through the affiliate program you can earn commission by selling goods from your website. For this, you can join eBay, Flipkart, or Amazon Affiliate program. When you place advertisements of these programs on your website and someone clicks on it and buys something, you can earn commission on every sale. If you want, you can also earn money by selling some of your goods.

Avoid Your Service – If you create a logo or create a website or a mobile application or you know such other work well then you can earn money by giving your service to others.

In-Text Ads – Many times you must have seen that some websites write articles and some words have a single or double line under them. When you mouse over the word, an advertisement appears. This is the in-text advertisement and you can also earn money by doing so. For this you can join programs like Kontera or Context Web.

How should the design of the website

The success or failure of any website depends on its design and layout. That is why you should know how your website should be.

Title – The title of your website should be according to its topic. Keep in mind that the topic should not be too long and your target keywords should also be included in it. If you want to create a job website, then you can choose names like online jobs, government jobs,

Theme – The theme or design of the website should be clean and beautiful according to its topic. No person visits or likes any dirty looking website. Along with being beautiful, the website should load quickly. So choose a beautiful and fast loading theme or template for your website.

Layout – The layout of the website should be according to its topic and your requirement. Always keep the menu up or to the left and notice that the menus are clearly visible. Place ads and other items to the right. Note that the reader should not have difficulty reading the article due to the advertisement.

Widgets and Plugins – If you have created your website in WordPress, you can use many Widgets and Plugins in it. Using them, you can make your website even more attractive and useful.

Comments – If anyone can comment on your website, then note that the comments are visible only after being approved. By doing this you can protect your website from Spam.

Articles – Write each of your articles carefully, clean and error-free. Also include your target keyword in your articles. Use the H 1, H 2 and H 3 headings correctly. According to the topic, also insert the picture and video. Keep publishing new articles regularly.

SEO – SEO allows you to bring your website up and up in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So use SEO properly and necessary.

What is search engine optimization – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) are the methods by which you can bring your website or blog up and up in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. SEO is also as important as it is to build a good website. Without SEO, your website will be far behind or under search engine and all your efforts will be wasted.


So we have brought you the important SEO tips:


Page or Post Title – Keep the title of each page or post short. Do not keep the title more than 90 characters. Keep in mind that the title should be a summary of your entire page or post in minimum words. Also include your target keywords in the title.

Keywords – Previously the keyword tag was used a lot but with the change in time and algorithms, the need has ended. Make sure to write your target keyword in your page and description.

Description – Place the description of your page or post between 160 and 180 characters. Write your target keywords in the description as well. Note that each page and post must have its own separate description.

Sub-title – Write your every page, post or article by dividing it into a sub-title. This will not only do the job of SEO, but it will also make it easier for your readers to read the article.

Articles – Write at least 400 words in your article and use your target keywords in the middle. But keep in mind that do not write keywords too often. Do not use keywords more than 2%.

Alt Tag – No search engine can understand or read any photo unless you tell the search engine who the photo or photo is or what is shown in that photo. This is what Alt Tag does. Whenever you write a page, post or article, carefully write the Alt Tag or Alt Text of every photo. Also include your target keywords in it.

Anchor text – These are words that are linked to another article or page. Whenever you write an article / post / page, at least 4 to 5 links are required. You can do this link with any article of your own or you can do it with another article.

Links coming in the website – The more people link your website to your website, blog or article, the higher your website will go. So write only original and good articles so that more and more people like your article and link your website to your website and blog. You can also link your website by writing articles on others’ websites or blogs for free.

Mistake in HTML and Broken Link – Note that there is no mistake in HTML in your website or blog. You can find this out with the help of HTML Validator. Also, note that there is no Broken Link in any of your pages or articles. You can find this out with the help of Broken Link Checker.


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